What is Pet Insurance?

cat hatDo you have a pet you love dearly? Many pet owners will do everything possible to extend the life of their pet if they are taken ill or have injuries caused by an accident. That is why you might want to consider obtaining pet insurance for your dog or cat. Pet insurance is not very common but it is getting more and more popular each year. In fact, many pet owners these days are securing insurance for their pets. The market for pet insurance products is rapidly and constantly expanding.

Pet insurance is an insurance product you purchase to cover veterinary expenses for a pet’s overall health in case of accidents or illnesses. Veterinary costs can be very high, often much more expensive than actual health costs of pet owners. This is especially true when pets are of rare or expensive breeds.

If you have your pet properly insured, you can shoulder veterinary bills and claim to refund those expenses in the future. Filing for a claim is not difficult. That is one of the reasons why more pet owners are now deciding to insure their beloved animal companions.

In the past, insurance policies for pets have broadened to include coverage for many other possible eventualities. Originally, such products only covered pet hospitalization. Now, most insurance for pets covers x-rays and surgery as well. Long-term treatments are also covered though regular veterinary checkups are still not. Many products also cover alternative or complementary therapies. Veterinary professionals often advise pet owners to invest in pet insurance policies.

Several pet insurance policies also offer third-party coverage so you could file for claims in case your animal companion incurs injury to others or damage to other people’s properties. Even pet boarding expenses during hospitalization and holiday cancellation bills are covered by some products. Most insurance policies cover pets in their lifetime, while some cover just a few years.

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